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How does an RN with extensive hospital and ambulatory care experience find his/her next position?

Dear Donna,How do I become more marketable? I have 25 years of experience in ED and 11 years in active nursing in a cardiology office.Due to budget cuts, I lost my job. I need a job but have found I am not qualified because I have not been working in a hospital setting for the past 10 years. My skills and knowledge are current. I have been certified for more than 20 years as a CCRN, CEN, ACLS and PALS. Plus, I have two years of case-management experience but never had a case-manager title.Wants … Continue reading...

Obamacare side benefits: Medicare costs slowing, solvency extended

As I have said before and will continue to say as long as evidence provides me with the facts to say so: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 includes a variety of cost-containment provisions that are slowing health care cost increases. The latest example was provided today by the federal Medicare trustees report that shows Medicare costs are slowing and solvency for the program has been extended another four years. The trust fund that finances Medicare hospital insurance … Continue reading...

Tasmanian Government rules out closing a public hospital as part of health overhaul

The Tasmanian Government has ruled out closing a public hospital in its bid to improve the health system.The independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, has said the overhaul of Tasmania's health system should in include the closing of one of the three public hospitals in the … Continue reading...