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NJ Doctor Offering Alternative To Obamacare?

Is The Boston Bomber’s Family In North Bergen A Threat?Is The Boston Bomber’s Family In North Bergen A Threat?Updated: Tuesday, September 2 2014 11:31 AM EDT2014-09-02 15:31:20 GMTThe widow of the alleged Boston Marathon bomber, Katherine Russell, has been living in North Bergen with the sisters of her former husband, Bella and Ailina Tsarnaev. Neighbors in the area have just recently been made aware of her presence in town, but not all of them are happy about it.The widow of the … Continue reading...

Viewpoints: Medicaid Expansion Spreading; ‘GOP’s Woman Problem;’ Praising Medicare

The New York Times: Endless Assault On Health Care ReformThe latest jerry-built effort to destroy health care reform could be defeated in the full federal appeals court in the District of Columbia. In July, a three-judge panel of that court — taking a ridiculously crabbed view of a section in the law — ruled 2-to-1 that tax-credit subsidies are allowed only for those buying insurance on a health exchange "established by the state." Therefore, it said, no subsidies for people in 36 states … Continue reading...

How Repealing And Replacing Obamacare Would Help Restore Booming Economic Growth

One of the biggest drags on economic growth under President Obama has been Obamacare, enacted on a strictly partisan basis in 2010. That drag has come primarily from the sweeping overregulation of Obamacare. The biggest culprit has been the employer mandate, which requires all … Continue reading...