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How to Get a Medicare Covered Power Scooter or Wheelchair

Dear Savvy Senior,What's the process for getting Medicare to pay for an electric mobility scooter or power wheelchair? My 76-year-old mother has arthritis in her knees and hips, and has a difficult time getting around anymore.--Searching DaughterDear Searching,Getting an electric-powered mobility scooter or wheelchair for your mom that's covered by original Medicare starts with a visit to her doctor's office. If eligible, Medicare will pay 80 percent of the cost, after she meets her $ 147 Part … Continue reading...

Part D Gains May Be Eroding

In 2003, when President George W. Bush signed the major Medicare expansion that would establish prescription drug coverage, he called it “a promise, a solemn promise, to America’s seniors.” Medicare Part D, which took effect in 2006, initially made plenty of people angry. Some Congressional Democrats had argued that it would “privatize Medicare” by relying on insurance companies, while a number of Republicans insisted that the nation couldn’t afford the new program. Ordinary older … Continue reading...

Torbay Hospital manager resigns in the wake of ‘nepotism’ tribunal

Torbay Hospital manager resigns in the wake of 'nepotism' tribunal A SENIOR manager at Torbay Hospital criticised for her role in a 'nepotism' tribunal has resigned - two months after her boss Paula Vasco Knight stepped down. … Continue reading...